Monday, June 04, 2007

My Thoughts on CAVS - SPURS ...First Edition

As I am trying to recover from the pleasant shock of getting into the NBA finals , My mind has been thinking about SA for the past 36 hours. I have been thinking about match ups and strategies and so on and so forth.

But before I delve into any of that , I have one request to Mike Brown !!!


As much as I would like to celebrate the EC Championship , I hope MB delivers a strong message to these guys to not get over themselves and start preparing for the Finals. I would ask my players to do the simple stuff. Practice Free throws , Read over defensive game plans and WATCH TAPE of all SA games in the playoffs and the 2 regular season games when the CAVS beat them.

Ohh Yeah...I think everyone except Skip Bayless is officially a witness now....!!! Love it !

Will be back with more... in the meanwhile enjoy this Tim Duncan getting LeBronned !

Friday, February 09, 2007

A Quick CAVS update

We are 28-21 ...after 49 games. That leaves 33 games, out of which 16 are at home. get to Last year's win total we need to win 22 games. Anything less than that..we will be underachievers.

I don't know about you , But I am really concerned about Lebron and his play recently as windhorst points out this morning . I think we need to make a trade , to get a legitimate scorer... I mean a player , who's big contract should not worry us. Think about Dallas. Do you think they would worry about a big contract , if they get a good player in return. Cuban would have no problem signing that check and Gilbert is the same way. He has deep pockets..and if you need to win , you need to shell out money. (DONT give me BS about look SA or LA and how they don't spend a whole lot...if you need to need to put the money on the table)

No one other than Lebron is untouchable in this team ..provided we get the right value in return. Think about it , Anderson Varejao - is a great rebounder ,energy provider... a fan favorite ...but where his the ceiling for him ? ....I think he has already reached it !

He is not like dirk or bargniani... who needs to be groomed when they are young , so that they become superstars in the league. ...Superstars in the league need to score...and score sorry we don't have anyone other than lebron who can provide that !

IMHO , we have to win tonight and on Sunday to get back in the reckoning...and yeah will the real Mr.Lebron please stand up !

Monday, December 18, 2006

Wacko Weekend..

Few thoughts on a few bizarre things recently..

Santhi- an female athlete from Tamil Nadu won the Silver medal in the recently concluded Doha games. She quickly became the darling of the masses and was even awarded cash from the TN government. But she failed a "gender test"and was stripped off the medal.

In a stunning turn of events , the organizing committee asked Santhi to leave Doha after the results of the gender test came in. It would be real interesting to find out more as this case unravels.

Was Santhi actually a guy ? or a she male ? or was this just a faulty test which by the way is not rare. In any case it is a tough situation for the Indian athletic authorities and not to mention Santhi herself or himself. BTW this news made PTI on ESPN.

Few interesting links

Brawl at the Garden
I finally made it to the MSG to watch an NBA game.Yesss, I was there with a few friends of mine at the now infamous Knicks-Denver game. But ,we had left midway in the 3rd quarter because of the blowout that was going on. But little did we know that such an incident would occur in the game not to mention in the final minute of the game.

The suspensions were handed out today and David Stern has laid the hammer pretty hard.Isaiah Thomas was surprisingly let off. But everyone else deserved the punishment for their actions. IMO Nate Robinson was the real instigator for this whole fracas. He is a punk and needs to be straightened out but I doubt that will happen under Isaiah.

An interesting take on the whole thing about brawls and the NBA

India wins a test in SA
Well this is a very positive development. I have been out of touch with cricket but I am happy that the Indian cricket team gave its hardcore fans something to cheer about.

But I am surprised that we have never won a test in SA before this one considering the long layoff SA had from international cricket and basically had to rebuild from the start.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Reasons why the CAVS are not elite , Just yet..

1.Road Record
The CAVS are 7-1 at home and 2-4 on the road. Elite teams have to win on the road
and win consistently.The SPURS for instance are 7-0 on the road at this point.
Good teams take care of homecourt and try to stay .500 on the road , which is where
I think the CAVS will end up. About 55 wins.Thats really good , just not elite.

2.Lack of a Consistent Second Option
Lebron is great, he can score at will or atleast get to the FT line anytime he wants.
But the second option is usually anyone's guess. LH if healthy could score , DG plays Jekyl and Hyde, Z has insomnia issues. It is anyone's guess to pick a second scorer. Offensive options get limited and CAVS have bunches of mins. without a FG.

3.Mental Focus
If you consider yourself elite ,just dont loose to the Bocats and the Hawks.I am not buying
that they are better than last year crap , Just beat them.

The CAVS must have been swept by the PISTONS last year. Instead they overachieved and took the series to Game 7. Though thats a good thing , I think in the CAVS case , it has given them a sense of overconfidence. You dont become an elite team by taking a second round series to a game , You become elite by doing that for a couple of years and getting to the ECF.

Props to the Jazz and the Magic , they are playing some real good ball.

All said , CAVS are still a good team , with the best player in the league (IMO).
Anything is possible !!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

This is getting Nasty...But too funny !

I am sure M Fans have their own versions of all these pictures. But these are just too funny .This picture is pretty common , I have seen these kind of messages , much too often.

This is one is an ESPN classic !! I also love the ESPN ad which has a blind date between a OSU and Michigan fan , where the guy jumps out of the car and shouts , Go Bukeyes !!

And the last one...How can you not love this ? I have always loved the MC ads , this just adds a new wrinkle to it ! Love it !

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Talk about a Good Weekend !

1) CAVS Win - Storm back !

I have always hated Paul Pierce , not because he is very very good basketball player , but because he has no respect for either the CAVS or Lebron in particular. There are many incidents that have happened in the past to create this bad blood between the Celts and the CAVS.

So , When we were down by about 25 points in the 3rd quarter at home , I was MAD. But as I was watching this game , I just saw Lebron shifting gears like I have never seen him do before. Well let me rephrase , he has shifted gears many times in the past and willed the CAVS to victory , but this one was different , because he went one on one , with his arch nemesis in the NBA , Paul Pierce.

I have never seen James with the swagger he had Saturday night on both ends of the floor. It was scary , I wish the team never goes into a hole such as this one in the first qtr ever again. They have a chance to prove that at the MSG on Monday.

Props to Sasha and Varejao as well , which brings me to another question in my head. What does Coach Brown have in mind for Shannon Brown and Daniel Gibson ? Old school coaches like to have a small rotation and prefer to play the veterans most of the time. Coach Brown belongs to this school and I wonder how this is going to help develop our rookies.In the recent past , Other than Lebron , the CAVS have not done a good job with their rookies. We get almost nothing from them. Is it because we draft badly ? or we don't train them properly ? Don't know , I hope Coach has a plan for our rooks.

2.) Buckeyes Roll
The Buckeyes scored the second most points all time against a poor NW defense. So here we go , the biggest game of the year , decade ? Nov 18th 3:30 , Michigan at the shoe, No 2 and No 1. In their storied histories , never once has there been a 1-2 match up. Makes for great drama. Cant Wait !!

3.) Browns steal one on the road !
Charlie Frye looks real impressive , Now if only we could win 2 in a row.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Did Lebron walk off the court ?

I saw the game last night. Lebron had a good night statistically BUT Lebron lost us the game last nite. Yes..I said it.

He missed a critical free throw and played poor defense (the whole team did actually..) in OT. As a fan , I can pardon both these issues. But when I saw Lebron didn't go back to his defensive position after this 3 point brick in the final 16 seconds ,that is not a good sign. I heard the PTI guys say that NIKE,ESPN & NBA would not like to see this. I have a bigger and more serious issue...the FANS don't want to see this.

I know..I know...these kids are spoilt brats. But I am going to forgive this one incident and hope he does not do it again. Because if he does , it does not set a good example to say someone like Shannon Brown. Its not enough to call yourself a leader , its important to act like one.

All said and done...he is 21.I want cut him some slack here , but just this one time.

PS - Pdxrocks , I just saw your comment when I posted this article. Nice timing !